Salt Lake City

2017: A Year in Review for SLC Council

In 2017, the Salt Lake City Council focused on strengthening the foundations that support daily life for everyone in the Capital City.

Three primary issues around the essentials of living -- a home, a ride, and safe streets -- were part of a concentrated effort and a series of actions by the Council in the past year. For example:

• Housing: Actions included:

o Setting the policy framework for future housing decisions as the Council adopted a citywide policy guiding future housing decisions.
o Acting as the Redevelopment Agency, the Council set aside $21 million for funding affordable housing development in the City.
o Approving zoning standards for two Homeless Resource Centers.

• Transportation: Actions included adopting a citywide Transit Master Plan, another guiding document that outlines the future of transit development in the City. The Council also sponsored a “Free Fare” day to encourage ridership on the entire Utah Transit Authority system.

• Safety: Actions included adding 63 positions to the police department, 50 of which will be new officers on the street. The Council also added funding for the City to partner with the Downtown Alliance on an innovative “Downtown Safety Ambassador” pilot program to help people visiting the City for work or play feel welcome.

Other 2017 highlights include:
• Advanced many of the zoning and economic development policies of the City’s Northwest Quadrant, the largest remaining piece of undeveloped territory.
• Helped concentrate considerable city resources on the cleanup of the Rio Grande area, including assistance for those experiencing homelessness.
• Adopted a ceremonial resolution declaring the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in Salt Lake City.
• Adopted a joint resolution with Mayor Biskupski regarding Bonanza Flat, a 1,350-acre property located in the Wasatch Mountains that is critical to Salt Lake City's watershed. Also funded by Council at $1.5 million.
• Updated the East Bench Master Plan.
• Continued efforts towards increasing transparency of the City budget, including the RDA budget.
• Supported recommendations made by an independent auditor to help streamline the City’s permitting process for business.

• More on 2017:
The year finished with the departure of two Council Members, District 3’s Stan Penfold and District 7’s Lisa Adams, as they completed their elected terms.

Highlights of the Council’s 2017 Accomplishments

• 2017 slc ordinances: 17/12/2017_Adopted_Ordinances.pdf
• 2017 slc resolutions:
• 2017 Local Building Authority resolutions:
• 2017 RDA Resolutions: