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Arts Council 

Advisory Board to the city in all matters concerning the arts. Oversees arts grants program; public programs in performing, visual, literary, folk and ethnic arts; public information regarding the arts and management of the Art Barn, a community cultural facility. Council consists of community organizations, such as ethnic groups, business organizations, labor unions, neighborhood councils, volunteer groups and churches, art groups (professional and amateur organizations), artists and art administrators. Fifteen members, 3-year term. Meets second Wednesday at Art Barn in Reservoir Park at 5:30 pm. For more information, call 596-5000. 

Art Design Board 

Oversees city's public art program. Established by ordinance, which designates certain funds for eligible construction projects to commission artwork. Board reviews and determines public art policy and is active in artist selection process. No more than two members shall be professional artists, arts administrators or art teachers. One member must be an architect. Five members, 3-year term. For meeting dates and times, call 596-5000. 

Board Of Appeals & Examiners 

Determines suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, provides reasonable interpretations of the Building Code and hears appeals of city administrative decisions. Members must be qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to building construction, housing and abatement codes, and technical disciplines therein. Five members, 5-year term. Meets on demand at the City & County Building. For more information, call 535-6681. 

Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board advises the Mayor and City Council on issues affecting Salt Lake City's business community. The board seeks to encourage economic development and targeted industry relocation within city boundaries. The board also helps direct city economic policy, promote small business growth, support local entrepreneurship, and assist the city in remaining responsive to the business community. Finally, the Business Advisory Board provides recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on proposed impact fees, business licensing changes, and zoning concerns related to business. For meeting times call 801-535-7273.

Community Development & Capital Improvement Programs Advisory Board

Provides citizens with opportunity to participate, in an advisory role, in the city's planning, assessment and allocation of its community development grants and capital improvement programs. Obtains the opinions of persons who live and/or work in various neighborhoods to aid the city in identifying the needs within those areas and the programs and projects to be completed as part of the city's community development and capital improvement programs. All members must be Salt Lake City residents; at least one member shall be appointed from each council district. Membership should include representatives of low and moderate income, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and elderly persons, female-headed households and persons who represent business or commercial interests of the city. Nine to eleven members, 3-year term. For meeting times, call 535-7115.

Historic Landmark Commission 

Conducts design review of new construction or alteration to properties in locally-designated historic districts and landmark sites. The Commission is responsible to promote, nominate, and monitor the preservation of historically- significant resources with the boundaries of the city. The Commission consists of citizens interested in historic preservation, including design professionals and representatives of historic preservation groups. The Commission consists of 9 to 15 members who serve a three-year term. Meetings occur on the first Thursday of the month at the City & County Building, Room 326, at 5:30 p.m.

Housing Advisory & Appeals Board 

Improves housing and neighborhood conditions within the city through recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council. Hears appeals of property owners regarding demolition and rehabilitation. Membership is made up of Salt Lake City residents providing balanced geographical, professional, neighborhood, and community representation. Ten members, 3-year term. Meets second Wednesday at noon in Room 126 of the City & County Building. Call 535-6042 for more information. 

Housing Authority 

Provides low-income housing to Salt Lake City residents. Five members, 5-year term. Meets last Monday, 12:00 to 3:00 pm at the Housing Authority. Call 483-5407 for more information. 

Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board 

Advises and recommends to the Mayor and the City Council affordable housing proposals and special needs housing issues that should be funded using the Salt Lake City Housing Trust Fund. Reviews, based on staff monitoring reports, the activities of recipients of grants and loans to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions imposed. Reviews housing loss mitigation plans and makes recommendations. Serves as a coordination body and resource for organizations interested in affordable and special needs housing issues. All members must be Salt Lake City residents and at least one member shall be appointed from each Council District. Members should have expertise or experience in affordable and/or special needs housing, business, real estate, or housing development. Eleven members, 3-year term. For meeting times, call 535-7269. 

Planning Commission 

Adopts and acts on any changes to the city's master plans, redevelopment plans, special studies, zoning ordinances, and use district maps. Approves planned unit developments, conditional uses and certain subdivisions. All members must be Salt Lake City residents and at least one member shall be appointed from each Council District. The Commission should be comprised of members with expertise in banking, development, contracting, engineering, geology and seismology, law, ecology, the behavioral sciences, historical preservation, architecture and landscape architecture. The Commission should not, however, be limited to professionals, but represent a cross-section of the community. Eleven members, 4-year term. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays at 5:45 pm at the City & County Building, Room 326. For more information, call 535-6171. 

Sister Cities Advisory Board

Salt Lake City's Sister Cities Board serves an advisory role to the Mayor on the Sister Cities program. The Board is responsible for implementing the goals and objectives of the Sister Cities program.

Transportation Advisory Board 

Reviews regional, city-wide and significant local transportation issues, as appropriate, and provides recommendations to the Transportation Director and/or Mayor and City Council. Assists in updating transportation master plan and traffic calming program. Monitors the city's crossing guard program and promotes public education of transportation issues that affect the city and it's citizens. Fifteen members, 3-year term. Must be Salt Lake City resident. Membership shall consist of one resident from each of the eight city planning districts, one at-large member to represent the Northwest Quadrant Planning District, one representative of college level transportation academia, one representative of a business-oriented organization actively involved in transportation issues affecting SLC, and one representative of the SLC School District. Other individuals representing organizations with continuing interest and involvement in cCity transportation issues may be appointed members. Call 535-6630 for more information and meeting times.