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Police Civilian Review Board - Request an Investigation


How to Request an Investigation

If a person has filed a complaint with the Police Department alleging misconduct by a police officer, he or she is also entitled to request an investigation by the Police Civilian Review Board. All complaints alleging excessive use of force will automatically be referred from the Police Departmentís Internal Affairs Unit to the Police Civilian Review Board. 
If the Board determines that a complaint not alleging excessive force is to be investigated, the Boardís Administrator will conduct a side-by-side investigation with the Internal Affairs Unit. When that investigation is complete, the Administrator will report back to the Board. The Board will then make recommendations to the Police Chief.

Rules for Filing a Request for an Investigation

A request for an investigation by the Board of a case of alleged misconduct not involving excessive use of force must be filed with the Administrator within four business days of the complaint being filed with the Police Department. 
All complaints must first be filed with the Police Departmentís Internal Affairs Unit. The Police Civilian Review Board does not have jurisdiction over complaints unless they have been filed with Internal Affairs. The phone number of Internal Affairs is 801-799-3351. If necessary, the Administrator can assist you in filing a complaint with Internal Affairs.

How to File

By phone - Call (801) 535-7230. Call (801) 535-6333 if you speak Spanish.
In person - Plaza 349 Building, 349 South 200 East, 4th Floor, Salt Lake City, Utah.
By US mail - Mail the form to Police Civilian Review Board, P. O. Box 145454, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-5454. 
Online - Click here to send your complaint electronically.  
Click here to download the PDF Request for Investigation form.