Salt Lake City

Community Organizations

Be involved. Be in the know. Be part of your community.

Being informed about what's going on in your community is an important step in making sure your voice is heard and your desires for a better and safer neighborhood are met. Being involved is a great way to build relationships among neighbors and businesses in your community and helps to make your neighborhood stronger and more unified. 
Salt Lake City recognizes community organizations whose purpose is to provide community input and information to City departments. The organizations are encouraged to make recommendations to the City on all matters affecting the City or each organization's particular community or neighborhood. All City Council districts have community councils. There are also several organizations and associations actively involved in improving their neighborhoods and the City in general.
Community organizations are registered with Salt Lake City in accordance with City Code 2.60. For more information about registering an organization, visit the Recorder’s Office website.

City and Community Council Map

community council map
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