Compliance - Paystations

See below for helpful parking information or visit ParkingSLC or  for additional information.                


Holiday Parking

Payment for parking downtown at the paystations is at the rate of ($2.00/hour for a maximum of 2 hours). Parking payment hours at the pay stations are 8 AM to 8 PM (Monday – Friday), Saturdays there is free parking for 2 hours, and Sundays parking is free all day.  You can also pre-pay for parking 1 hour prior at 7AM.

Payment is also availale by using the parkslc phone app, as a quick and convenient payment with expiration reminders.   


  1. Please wait for your receipt and take it. (There is no need to display the receipt in your vehicle.)
  2. Remember, the maximum time limit is 2 hours.  All Pay Stations and meters are enforced Monday - Friday from 800 AM - 800PM except on legal, City observed Holidays.
  3. Also as a reminder, per city ordinance you cannot park more than 2 hours in any pay station parking space or 2 hour time zone.
  4. For Assistance with Payment or to report an issue with a paystation please call 801-535-PARK
We hope this information assists you with your next parking purchase.