Courts - Responding to a Small Claims Affidavit

Instructions for the Defendant

You have had a lawsuit filed against you. To contest the plaintiff's claim, you must appear at trial on the appointed day. If you fail to appear at trial, judgment may be entered against you for the amount requested.


If you do not dispute the claim, make arrangements with the plaintiff to pay the claim and the court costs. If the plaintiff obtains judgment and pursues collection through the court, additional court costs may be charged to you.

Counter Affidavit

If the plaintiff owes you money, you may file a Counter Affidavit and file it with the court and pay the proper fee.

Mail a copy of the counter affidavit to the plaintiff, no later than 15 working days before the trial date. If you intend to file a Counter Affidavit, many of the "Instructions for the Plaintiff" will apply to you. Please read them.

Defendants and plaintiffs should read this information pertaining to both parties.