Salt Lake City

Finance & Accounting - Accounts Payable/Contracts

  • Accounts Payable and Contracts processes all payments approved and input by city departments on a weekly basis.
  • Checks are run on Thursday and mailed on Friday.
  • Electronic payments are deposited on Friday.
  • All checks are mailed.  No checks are available for pick up.


Electronic Payments

To sign up to receive electronic payments rather than a check,  download the Electronic Funds Payment Authorization Agreement.   Fill out and sign and return by fax 801-535-7750, scan and email, or return by regular mail

For more information about electronic payments: call  801-535-6187 or email.

For More Information

Accounts payable:  Call 801-535-6422 or email.

Contracts:  Call 801-535-6488 or email.