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A thriving urban forest is an essential part of the livability of Salt Lake City. The trees that make up the urban forest provide many economic, social, and health benefits to all the residents of Salt Lake City including increased property values, lower heating and cooling costs, improved air and water quality, and enhancing the aesthetic of the city. Salt Lake City Urban Forestry is responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees in the urban forest. 

Primary Objectives

  • To foster safety of people and property by identifying and abating tree hazards
  • To facilitate a healthy and sustainable environment by protecting, maintaining and planting trees
  • To enhance property value, business success, and city revenue by improving tree species selection, tree planting locations, and tree service practices
  • To reduce heating and cooling requirements and modify urban noise by strategic placement of new tree plantings.
  • To protect watersheds, soil stability, air quality and habitat for urban wildlife through diversification of tree species and ages
  • To assist law enforcement, transportation, utility providers and others whose work can be influenced by tree planting and maintenance practices
  • To expand awareness of the value and needs of trees by sharing arboricultural information, education and training
  • To improve service processes and performance through collaboration with customers, affiliates, and team members

Urban Forester

Tony Gliot

Forest Area Service Coordinator – North

Julie Fratto

Forest Area Service Coordinator – South

Nate Orbock

Tree Preservation and Protection Coordinator

Cory Davis

Physical Address

Public Services Department
1965 West 500 South - 2nd Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Email Address
Hours of Operation 
7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday - Friday