IMS - Teams

As the City’s IT department we need to provide two modes of IT service. A major part of our services are around the traditional needs of our business partners. They need reliable and secure systems on which to conduct the City’s business. The technology needs to be transparent to them and reliable to a point where it can almost be taken for granted. However, a second mode of operation is needed to succeed in today’s tech environment. This part of IMS’s operations need to be highly agile and responsive. Functioning much more like a tech startup, we need to be willing to take risks and find new and innovative ways to empower and enable both our internal business partners and the public.

There are three teams in IMS. These are the Division of Innovation and Transformation Team, the Business Services Team, and the Administrative Services Team. Each team plays a critical role in the nature and way we deliver services to City departments.

Division of Innovation and Transformation (DoIT)

DoIT is a newly formed team in IMS with the goal of providing innovative and transformative solutions to business challenges identified by the Administration and City Council. Using a project team approach combining stakeholders from departments, IMS resources, and third party providers, these teams will act as a tech startup to find the right solution. DoIT will utilize a highly agile approach to problem solving that will accept and embrace an element of risk as an essential part of the innovation process.

Business Services Team

The Business Services Team is responsible for ensuring the City’s existing technology environment is stable, reliable, and secure. Utilizing industry standard such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), this team has responsibility for the daily operation of City systems. The team is comprised of five functional teams providing Network Services, Software Engineering Services, Software Support Services, End User Device Support Services, and Communication Services. 

Network Services

The Network Services Team is responsible for the City’s internal and external network resources. The team manages hundreds of network switches, miles and miles of copper and fiber cabling, and hundreds of servers hosted both in City data centers as well as in the cloud. It is their job to ensure that our departmental business partners can take for granted access to the computing resources they need. The City’s internal network has 99.99% reliability.

Software Engineering Services

IMS maintains a staff of highly skilled and talented software engineers with the ability to design, develop, maintain, and manage large, complex software solutions that meet or exceed the City’s needs. IMS’s philosophy is to purchase commercially available software whenever possible but there are still situations where there is a need to develop a solution internally. It is also our belief that departments should purchase the software that best fits their needs and it is IMS’s job to integrate and interface those systems to ensure compatibility and sharing of City information across platforms.

End User Device Support Services

The technology landscape of today includes not only traditional PCs and Macs, desktops and notebook computers but a huge variety of printers, scanners, and mobile devices. The End User Device Support Team has responsibility to ensure these devices can safely and effectively connect to and share resources on our internal networks. They are skilled in maintaining software and repairing hardware for all of these devices. This team also staffs and maintains the IMS Help Desk, five days a week, from 7am to 6pm.

Software Support Services Team

All of the computer hardware in the world would be completely useless without the software to make it perform some function. The City has more than two hundred applications ranging in size and complexity from the City’s financial and payroll systems, police dispatch and records system, and land use and permitting systems used by hundreds of employees across the organization to small applications used by only one or two employees in a single work group. The software support team works with departments and third party software providers to manage and maintain these applications. Utilizing best practices and industry standard processes and procedures, it is their role to ensure these systems are reliable, highly available, and secure.

Communications Services Team

A key aspect of the way the City does business is to aggressively look for ways to inform and engage the public we serve in the decisions made by the City. Transparency and openness in the decision making processes and procedures and the ability to access City data stores are an important part of this effort. The City’s websites and Government Access TV Channel (SLCTV17, ComCast Channel 17) are vital to making information available to the public and a part of the City’s efforts to bring as many of our constituents into the conversation as possible.  Important public meetings are broadcast via SLCTV17 and streamed live from the City’s website. They are also available as video-on-demand for many months after they are initially aired. The public can participate in forums and discussions on important topics from the City’s website and can participate in the decision making process at multiple levels not available in the past. 

Administrative Services Team

The Administrative Services Team has responsibility for the daily operation of IMS as a department. This team takes care of tracking all of the equipment used by departments as well as for the internal infrastructure. They do the procurement, asset management, billing, payables, and manage the department's budget and finances.