IMS - IT Master Plan

Every year, as part of the budget process, IMS works with departments and divisions to determine their IT goals and objectives. As the City’s budget is finalized, Salt Lake City’s Information Technology Master Plan is updated and published as a public document.  The IT Master Plan not only provides general information about the projects City departments are planning but also information about projects completed in the past fiscal year, IMS’s planned enterprise level projects as well as our service level and operating standards.

A key component of the IT Master Plan is our strategic roadmap for the City’s technology. This portion of the IT Master Plan speaks to what the City’s strategic plans are looking 3 to 5 years in the future. IMS crafts this vision with the help of the City’s Information Technology Systems Steering Committee. This group is comprised of representatives from each of the City Departments.

Established by City policy in 2003, the IT Systems Steering Committee meets quarterly to assist IMS in setting priorities and to provide oversight of IMS operations.

The Information Technology Master Plan can be found here.

More information about the Systems Steering Committee can be found here