IMS - Projects

For the City to function properly, its computer and communications systems need to be highly available, easy to use, and accessible without thought of the myriad of technologies they might need to traverse. It is IMS’s job to make sure the internal networks, external networks, hardware servers, software applications, databases, and cloud services all come together to enable our business partners to provide services to our constituents.

The design, maintenance, and management of these resources requires a team of specialized and talented individuals. This is the value IMS brings to City departments and the public we serve.

Very often we look at things on a small scale and think about networks and systems as individual components not necessarily part of the larger, infinitely more complex picture. The replacement of a single device or the enhancement of a software application might have little impact on the entire organization and can be managed as a maintenance task. However, this is rarely the case with larger efforts. Managing these as projects is critical. Using both traditional waterfall and agile project management, IMS is dedicated to the appropriate use of Project Management methodologies, processes, and procedures to ensure the stability and reliability of our systems and the effective use of our resources. In Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015), IMS completed more than 100 projects totaling 88,000 project hours including:

  • Accela Online Credit Card Surcharge
  • Accela Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Automated Citation Tracking (Phase 2 and 3)
  • Justice Courts Calendar Integration with State of Utah CORIS System
  • Cloud Migration of ProjectDox
  • Hive Pass Sales and Tracking System
  • CIP Planner/OneSolution Integration in conjunction with Airport IT personnel
  • Multiple Library and Housing Authority Systems Upgrades
  • Citywide Cognos Implementation of BI Dashboards
  • Upgrade of OneSolution Hardware and Software
  • Sustainability Dashboard iwth U of U
  • ServiceNow ITSM Enhancements and Upgrades
  • Fire Department Data Warehouse
  • Glendale Library Infrastructure and Systems
  • Police Crime Lab and Evidence Infrastructure 

More specific details of these projects can be found in the City’s IT Strategic Master Plan. A complete list of all projects completed in FY15 can be found here: 

2015 IMS Completed Projects