Salt Lake City

New Fencing Will Isolate Hidden Hollow Project From Urban Park


May 6, 2013
Contact: Art Raymond

New Fencing Will Isolate Hidden Hollow Project From Urban Park
SALT LAKE CITY – The City’s Public Services Department, in partnership with Utah Open Lands, advises residents that a new project adjacent to protected public land in the Hidden Hollow area will bring some changes to the area during an upcoming construction period.

Wilmington Gardens is developing land immediately adjacent to Hidden Hollow for Westminster College student housing and classrooms as well as some new restaurant and retail space.  As construction begins, a fence delineating the property boundary between Hidden Hollow and the adjacent developable land will be erected.  

“This is one of the pearls on the string of open spaces we have in Salt Lake City,” said Leslie Chan, Salt Lake City’s Open Space program manager.  “Hidden Hollow has come a long way and it is evolving still.”  

The City’s commitment to the urban nature area was key in the redevelopment of the lot next to Hidden Hollow as bids were solicited by the City’s Redevelopment Agency.  Wilmington Garden won the bid in large part due to the way their design would incorporate the natural area into their development while expanding public access and native plant landscaping.

For now, the biggest change that the community will see is the fence that will go up along the property line.  This fence is being viewed by all of the partners involved as critical to keep the Hollow safe as the Wilmington project moves forward. Developers expect construction to be completed in about 18 months.

“We will be excited to see the fence come down when the project is finished, but for now the best protection of this open space is to ensure that development doesn’t creep over the property line,” said Chan.

Questions about the project can be direct to Salt Lake City Open Space Program Manager Leslie Chan at 801-972-7890.