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Recap of the November 28 City Council Meeting

What Happened?

Recap of the November 28 City Council Meeting

Media contact:
Dan Weist or Molly Farmer

At the Tuesday, Nov. 28 meeting, the Council supported expanding the police force by 50 additional officers to help patrol the city streets. The Council will finalize the action in an official vote that could be taken on Dec. 5 as part of a budget amendment.

The Council also had discussions on several housing-related topics. They included the proposed Citywide Housing plan and several housing funding proposals from different City departments, which will be brought up for future discussion in coming meetings.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) were also discussed. A proposed ordinance would change the City’s ADU regulations. ADUs are small apartments that share a lot with a single-family home. The Council, by a straw polls, supported a proposal to include boundaries instead of allowing ADUs citywide, removed limits to the amount of new ADUs, and suggested the ordinance be reviewed in three-year’s time. More discussion is planned in an upcoming meeting.

The Council also:
• Approved a number of appointments to City boards and commissions,
• Delayed discussion on the Transit Master Plan due to a time constraint with plans to return to the topic at a future agenda,
• Held Public Hearings on changes to a FBUN2 zoning text amendment; a Jazz practice facility sign overlay; and a request to rezone part of the Northwest Quad portion of the City, and
• Adopted a resolution authorizing $1 million from the Housing Trust Fund for the Garden Lofts Project on West 600 South.

See the full agenda and live meeting video here:

Upcoming Council Meeting Dates

• Tuesday, December 5 RDA Meeting, Council Work Session & Formal Meeting
• Tuesday, December 12 (final scheduled 2017 meeting) RDA Meeting, Council Work Session & Formal Meeting