SLC Event Permitting

**ATTENTION** Salt Lake City Open Streets Road Closure Info:

If you are looking for information regarding road closures on 05/05/2018 due to the SLC Open Streets event, please visit their website here . 

Permits for Special Events, Free Expressions, Filming and Block Parties

Planning an event, rally, concert, parade or festival in Salt Lake? SLC Event Permitting is the home for special event, free expression, filming and block party permit applications. If your event is to be hosted on public property in Salt Lake City, chances are you'll need a permit.

Overview of the Process

STEP 1: Check on park/site availability on our Events Calendar
STEP 2: Submit a completed online application
STEP 3: Pay the application fee (non-refundable)
STEP 4: Complete and submit a Conditional Checklist
STEP 5: A Final Permit is issued  
Detailed step-by-step instructions for the process can be found on the special eventfree expression and filming permit pages.
PLEASE NOTE: Your event is not approved until you complete the entire permit process. The City will not be responsible for those printed materials, promotional items, etc. if dates, locations, and/or other requested services are denied, amended or changed during the permit process. The deadline for Special Event and Free Expression Permit Applications is 30 days prior to your event, but we strongly recommend applying as early as possible.  The earliest you may apply for your event is a year prior to the date you wish to request.

Still have questions?

Due to a high volume of permit requests, we recommend visiting our FAQ page because most of your questions can be answered there.  If you still need further clarification on our process, please feel free to reach out to and our office will respond as soon as we can.