Salt Lake City

Recap of the December 5 City Council Meeting

At the Dec. 5 meeting, Salt Lake City Council Members voted to fund 50 new police officers, plus supported additional employees for the SLPD’s social work office, crime lab and civilian workforce. Read more:

• Also at the meeting, a citywide Transit Master Plan was adopted by the Council. The Transit plan will help guide the future of bus, light-rail and streetcar system.

• The Council also had a discussion on housing funding proposals. The Council settled on a funding distribution plan that puts $10 million toward accepting community proposals for affordable housing projects. The details of the community-idea proposal, which will be competitive and transparent, will be released in the coming months. Three million dollars were put in the Housing Trust Fund, and funding was set aside for upcoming specific projects, including the Barnes Bank Exchange project, and the redevelopment of the Capitol Motel.

• After several discussions and two public hearings about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the Council sent the proposal back to the City’s Planning Division for a renewed discussion. The proposed ordinance would have changed the City’s ADU regulations, but will instead will undergo additional Planning review and then renewed Council consideration in spring of 2018.

In other highlights, the Council unanimously passed a ‘hate crimes’ resolution supporting legislation to enhance penalties for targeted offenses.

Upcoming Council Meeting Dates:
• Tuesday, December 12 (final scheduled 2017 meeting) RDA Meeting, Council Work Session & Formal Meeting