Courts - Criminal

The criminal section handles class B and C misdemeanor criminal violations and infractions committed within the jurisdictional limits of Salt Lake City.  Most criminal code violations require an appearance before a judge. A citation should have an appearance date and time listed. If not, defendants should contact the court court between 5-14 days after the citation issue date. To obtain a court date, after a citation has been received, please call (801)535-6300, Monday through Friday during our phone hours between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Community Service

You may request that the Court allow you to perform community service in lieu of paying some, or all, of a fine for class B and C misdemeanors and infractions. Community service will be credited at a rate of $10/hour. Contact the court to make an appearance before the judge, if you would like to request community service in lieu of paying your fine. You may also fill out the "Request to Judge" form found above. (UCA 76-3-301.7)  

Interpreter Request

If English is not your primary language and you are unable to understand or communicate in English, the court will appoint an interpreter for you for all court hearings. You must request a court interpreter at least 3 business days before the hearing, or the hearing may have to be postponed. To request a court interpreter, you may call the court at 801-535-6300, you may also email the court at, so that an interpreter may be scheduled to appear at your court hearing.  

ADA Accommodation

ADA Notice:  If you are a party to a case, a witness or prospective juror and you need special accommodations (including communication aids and services) during an upcoming proceeding, please call the Salt Lake City Justice Court at 801-535-6300, or fax the court at 801-535-6302 at least three business days before the proceeding.


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