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Salt Lake City is always looking for potential members to serve on the City's twenty-five boards and commissions. Each board has a different culture, mission, and need and Salt Lake City encourages you to explore and learn a little more about each board prior to applying. Please note, Salt Lake City receives a large number of applications for certain boards and far fewer for others. Listing a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice can significantly speed up the appointment process.  

How to Apply 

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, with the advice and consent of the Salt Lake City Council, appoints most board members. Board appointments are usually filled with interested constituents who applied through this website! Simply apply online or print materials and send them to:
Mayor's Office 
Attn: Board Appointments 
PO Box 145474 
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5474   

Apply Online

Click here for the online application form.

Application Materials 


Special Materials 


Appointment Process

Once a board position is available and the decision to appoint has been determined, the complete process can take as long as five or six weeks. During the appointment process, potential board members will briefly meet with the Mayor and City Council. To ensure a strong board, Salt Lake City often recruits many applicants before a decision to appoint is made.  To find the status of your application, please contact Simone Butler at 535-7743.