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Airport Board

The Salt Lake City Airport Board advises the Mayor regarding the operation and management of the airports owned by Salt Lake City Corporation. The Board also adopts methods that are in the public interest and are most likely to advance, enhance, foster and promote air transportation in conducting the business, use and operation of the airports. This includes overseeing planning, construction and expansion projects. All actions of the board are considered advisory to the Mayor of Salt Lake City.

Agendas and Minutes

Complete minutes and agendas available here.

Powers and Duties

Makes recommendations to the Mayor regarding the following:

  1. Establish rules and regulations for conduct of the Airport board and its members
  2. Adopt and alters rules/regulations of Airport
  3. Recommend for appointment/removal of Director of Airport, Deputy Director, and project managers hired by the City
  4. Plan, establish, and approve construction and expansion of airport
  5. Broadly define policy regarding operation and management of Airport (see code for specifics)
  6. Prepare annual budget and revenue
  7. Review Airport income and expenses
  8. Assist Director of Airports in continuing orderly development and promotion of Airport

Member Qualifications

Nine members of the public serve on the Airport Board. Each board member is appointed by the Mayor to serve four year terms. By ordinance, Airport Board members must:
  • Be at least 21 years old 
  • A resident of the State of Utah 
  • Not be actively engaged or employed in commercial aeronautics 
  • No more than 3 members may reside outside of Salt Lake City boundaries 

Current Members


Serving Since

Council District

Term Expires

Michael Gallivan 2010 2 1/2018
Igor Best-Devereux 2010 1/2018
Cyndy Miller 2016 6 1/2019
JT Martin 2013  6 1/2021
Sam Granato 2016 Outside SLC 1/2020
Karen Mayne 2016 Outside SLC 1/2020
Natalie Gochnour 2010  Outside SLC 1/2018
Lawrence Pinnock 2014 Outside SLC 1/2018
Steven Price 2017 3 6/2021



Staff and Officers

JT Martin, Chair
Lawrence Pinnock, Vice Chair
Maureen Riley, Executive Director of Airports
LuJean Christensen, Board Support 

Meeting information

Period Monthly 
Days Third Wednesday 
Time 8 a.m. 
Location -  Airport Board Room
Salt Lake City International Airport 
More info (801) 575-2096 

Bylaws and Governing Documents

Click here to read.

Contact information

Salt Lake City Department of Airports 
P.O. Box 145550 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 

Staff support

LuJean Christensen, Board Support
(801) 575-2096