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Business Advisory Board

Housed in the Department of Economic Development, the Business Advisory Board seeks to encourage economic development and targeted industry relocation within City boundaries. The board also helps direct City economic policy, promote small business growth, support local entrepreneurship, and assist the City in remaining responsive to the business community.


To foster an equitable and robust business ecosystem as ambassadors, advocates, and advisors. 

Core Values

* Commitment
* Vision
* Respect
* Collaboration
* Inclusivity
* Impactful


Agendas and Minutes


Member Qualifications

Up to eleven members, appointed by the Mayor, serve on the Business Advisory Board. In addition to their advisory duties, Business Advisory board members serve as ambassadors of the City, educating various groups and communities of Salt Lake City's policies to encourage business development within City boundaries. Each member serves a four-year term, must be at least 21 years of age, and either be a resident or have ownership interest in a business located within Salt Lake City.

Current Voting Members


Serving Since

Council District

Angela H. Brown 2014 1
Ana Valdemoros 2015 1
Lucy Cardenas 2011 2
John Lair 2013 2
Steve Labrum 2012 3
Casey McDonough 2011 4
Curtis Thornhill 2016 5
JD Smith 2013 6
Karen Gunn 2016 6
Sue Rice 2016 6
Vacant   7





Current Ex-Officio Members


Serving Since

Council District

Kristen Lavelett 2014 N/A
Greg Yerkes 2014 N/A








Staff and Officers

John Lair, Chair
Angela H. Brown, Vice Chair

Meeting Information

Period — Monthly 
Day — Second Wednesday 
Time — 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Location — City and County Building, Room 326
                 451 S State, Salt Lake City 

Bylaws and Governing Documents

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Contact Information

Business Advisory Board
451 S State, Rm. 404
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 
(801) 535-7159

Staff Support

Roberta Reichgelt
Local Business & Entrepreneurship Manager