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Police Civilian Review Board

The Police Civilian Review Board provides civilian oversight regarding to excessive use of force and other complaints and internal police investigations conducted by the police.
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Agendas and minutes

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Powers and Duties

The Board is intended to help foster trust between the community and law enforcement personnel.

Member Qualifications

Fourteen members, two from each Salt Lake City Council District, serve on the Police Civilian Review Board. Each member is appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Salt Lake City Council, to a three year term. The Board aims for balanced representation of geographical, professional, racial, gender, and ethnicity. As a result of the technical knowledge needed for this board, all members are required to complete a detailed training session. Members are also subject to a background check before being appointed.

Current Members


Serving Since

Council District

Kevin S. Parke 2014 1
Brandon Myers 2015 1
Jennifer Sika 2017 2
Nigel Swaby 2017 2
Tyson Carbaugh-Mason 2014 3
Gregory Bambo 2014 3
Catalina Pilar Cardona 2016 4
Rebekah A. Myers 2016 4
Dennis Busch 2014 5
Vacant   5
Teresa Garrett 2016 6
Amber Liechty 2017 6
Jessica Andrew 2017 7
Sandra Walsh 2015 7














Staff and officers

Gregory Bambo, Chair
Tyson Carbaugh-Mason, Vice Chair
Rick Rasmussen, Civilian Review Board Investigator
Robert Sampson, Advisor
Dennis Ferguson, Outside Council
Amy Lyons, Administrative Assistant

Meeting Information

Period — Quarterly and as needed 
Days — Varies 
Time — 5:00 pm and as needed 
Location — Plaza 349, Suite 150
349 South 200 East, Salt Lake City  
More info (801) 535-7112

Bylaws and Governing Documents

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Contact Information

Police Civilian Review Board
Attn: Rick Rasmussen 
349 South 200 East, Suite 150
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 
(801) 535-7230 

Staff Support

Rick Rasmussen
Civilian Review Board Investigator
(801) 535-7230
Amy Lyons
Administrative Assistant
(801) 535-7112