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Public Utilities Advisory Committee

The Salt Lake City Public Utilities Advisory Committee annually reviews the departmentís operation and maintenance budget and expenditures, examines the departmentís water and sewer system capital improvements program, recommends proposed legislation relating to water and sewer, and consults with the Mayor concerning water resources and sewage reclamation requirements. This committee assists the public utilities director as much as possible to continue orderly development and operation of the public utilities system for the city.

Agendas and Minutes

Complete minutes and agendas available here.

Powers and Duties

  1. Review water and sewer system capital improvements program, operations and 
  2. maintenance budget and expenditures, revenue requirements
  3. Recommend to the mayor rate adjustments
  4. Review and make recommendations on proposed legislation on water and sewer concerns
  5. Consult with the mayor regarding water resources and sewage reclamation requirements
  6. Assist the Public Utilities director in every way possible to maintain the orderly 
  7. development and operation of the public utility systems
  8. Hear and decide appeals arising from decisions granting or denying a riparian protection permit


Member Qualifications

Nine voting members will serve four terms each. The Mayor, the public utilities director and the city attorney shall be ex officio, non voting members. Members must be 21 years of age, a resident of the state and must not be actively engaged /employed in any commercial actively which sells good or services directly to the city. At least 3 members must reside outside of the corporate limits of the city; provided, however, their place of residence shall be within the county and within the service districts supplied by the city water department.  

Current Members


Serving Since

Council District

Kent Moore 2012 1
Sydney Fonnesbeck 2015 3
Colleen Kuhn 2015 5
Ted Wilson 2016 6
Lynn Hemingway 2016 7
Roger L. Player 2012 Outside SLC












Staff and Officers

Ted Boyer, Chair
Colleen Kuhn, Vice Chair
Laura Briefer, Director of Public Utilities
Janine Calfo, Administrative Assistant

Meeting Information

Period — Monthly 
Days — Fourth Thursday 
Time — 7:00 am 
Location — 1530 S West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84104 
More info (801) 483-6834 

Bylaws and Governing Documents

Click here to read.

Contact Information

Public Utilities Advisory Board
Attn: Janine Calfo
1530 S West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 483-6770

Staff Support

Janine Calfo
Administrative Assistant
(801) 483-6770