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If you have received a traffic citation, you have the following options:


If you were involved in an accident and are interested in traffic school, you must contact a Traffic Clerk by phone or in person, to find out if you qualify. 

"Fix It"/Equipment Violation

If you have received a "fix it" or equipment violation citation and have proof of compliance, take your vehicle to a local law enforcement officer or a Salt Lake City Justice Court Judicial Assistant to sign off on the bottom of your citation, then either mail in the signed off citation OR bring it in to court, so your citation may be dismissed.  You must comply within 14 days of your citation, in order for your citation to be dismissed. 

Interpreter Request

If English is not your primary language and you are unable to understand or communicate in English, the court will appoint an interpreter for you for all court hearings. You must request a court interpreter at least 3 business days before the hearing, or the hearing may have to be postponed. To request a court interpreter, you may call the court at 801-535-6300, you may also email the court at, so that an interpreter may be scheduled to appear at your court hearing.   

Bail Schedules

State Traffic Bail Schedule- click here, to look up your bail amount.  If the bail falls under the "Suggested Bail Security Surcharge" column, that is the bail due. 

State and City codes maybe looked up on our code/bail search page by clicking here.

Speeding Bail Schedule - click here.

Points Information - click here.

Parking and Civil Unit

Please be informed that the Parking and Civil Unit is not located at the court.  If you have received a parking citation, ground transportation citation, alarm violation, snow removal citation, loud party, or animal control, you may contact them at:

Parking Civil Unit
451 South State Street, Room 145
SLC UT 84114
Phone:          801-535-6116

ADA Accommodations

ADA Notice: If you are a party to a case, a witness or prospective juror and you need special accommodations (including communication aids and services) during an upcoming proceeding, please call the Salt Lake City Justice Court at 801-535-6321, or fax the court at 801-535-6302 at least three business days before the proceeding.

FAQs- click here.


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