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Photo Exhibit Captures Stories of Young Undocumented Immigrants

Photo Exhibit Captures Stories of Young Undocumented Immigrants
“DREAMers” tells of fear, disappointment and hope of those who came to U.S. as young children
SALT LAKE CITY – To commemorate Human Rights Day – an annual global celebration of the United Nations’ adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 – the Salt Lake City Human Rights  Commission will present “DREAMers: Living in the Shadow of Hope,” an exhibit by photographer Lynn Hoffman-Brouse and social worker Annie Brewer. The exhibit will be displayed on the first floor of the Salt Lake City & County Building, 451 S. State Street, from December 1-31, 2011.
The photo exhibit brings awareness through portraits and stories of the unique plight of nearly 30 young, intelligent, hard-working students who came to this country as children, were raised as Americans, but have no legal status that allows them to work, vote or apply for student aid. The intent of the exhibit is to help eliminate the negative stereotypes and misconceptions that are associated with undocumented immigrants.
An opening reception will be hosted by the Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission and the Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Human Rights on December 10, 2011 at 6 p.m. at the City & County Building. Please RSVP to
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