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City Bids, Request for Proposals, and other Solicitations

To receive future bid notifications please register with at The Utah Supplier Portal

To find current Bids and Proposals published in our new solicitation system go to the Utah Public Procurement Place (UPPP)

The State of Utah contract with BidSync that the City was using for bid publications has ended.  All City procurement units are using the new Utah Public Procurement Portal (UPPP) at this time. As a result we encourage suppliers wanting to do business with the City to registered on the UPPP website to receive future notifications of formal bids, RFPs, and other types of solicitations. 

As of March 3, 2017 all City procurement units have migrated over to the new Utah Public Procurement Portal (UPPP)

The prior system used to publish Bids and RFPs can be accessed for a limited time through this link to view historical data only (BidSync)


Offers of Gifts, Incentives, Promo Items, etc., to City Employees are strictly prohibited.

Surplus Property Public Auction

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