Salt Lake City

Summary of the January 13 City Council Meeting

Housing Trust Fund Loans

The Council discussed proposed Housing Trust Fund Loans. As part of the discussion, the Council mentioned its interest in having a broader discussion about affordable housing. The Council will take action on these items at a later date. The proposed loans include:

  • NeighborWorks, to develop affordable housing and rehabilitation of qualified homes. Learn more.
  • Shelter the Homeless, to renovate a 32-unit permanent supportive housing apartment building. Learn more.

Statewide Transportation and Transit Funding

The Council discussed how it would like to see transportation funds distributed should the Legislature increase funding for projects throughout the state. Cities are discussing how they would prefer the potential funding be generated and implemented. Conversation centered on the Council's interest in local transit, local control, and whether sales tax should be used to generate the funding. The Council will take action on a resolution detailing its preferences at a later date. Learn more.

Community Improvement Outreach Grant Pilot

The Council was updated on the City's small grant program for neighborhood projects and improvements. The program awarded 48 projects grants for improvements such as community gardens, fitness programs, leadership training and more. The Council will receive a final report once all the projects are completed in summer 2015. Learn more.

The Council also:

  • discussed a proposed land exchange between the Salt Lake City School District Board of Education and the Sugar House Park Authority. Under the proposal the District and the Park Authority would exchange parcels of equal size, enabling the district to construct a baseball field on Highland High School property. The Council will take action on this item at a later date. Learn more.
  • discussed issues affecting the City that may be discussed during the 2015 state legislative session. Conversation centered on the State Prison relocation, and a State program that would expand health services for lower income people. .
  • discussed the proposed newsrack ordinance, which would increase licensing fees for newsracks. The Council will take action on this item at a later date. Learn more.