Salt Lake City

Summary of the July 21 City Council Meeting

Site Challenges for Proposed Prison Relocation Site

The Council discussed a number of challenges related to the State's proposed prison relocation site in Salt Lake City. The Council specifically discussed challenges around water and sewer capacity issues, mosquito conditions, and possible challenges related to the City's old landfill, which is south of the site. Read more.

Parks, Trails and Open Space Bond Initiative

The Council was briefed about a possible bond for expanding open space opportunities in the City that the Council will consider placing on the November ballot. The Council took a straw poll, deciding to continue discussing projects that would comprise the bond should it be approved by voters. The Council did not approve of pursuing either of a $150 million option or $125 million option which the Mayor's Administration had prepared. The Council will discuss and decide which open space projects it would support in the coming weeks, and will vote on whether to place a bond on the ballot at its August 18 meeting. Read more.

The Council also:

  • discussed the City's housing policy. Read more;
  • was briefed on a proposed Interlocal Program and Funding Agreement for Mountain Accord, an initiative that seeks to plan the future of the central Wasatch Mountains. The Council will take action on this item at a later date. Read more;
  • and was briefed about progress on a new master plan being developed for the Northwest Quadrant. Read more;
  • postponed briefings on a number of zoning amendments. Those briefings which will be rescheduled; and
  • held and closed a number of public hearings, including a hearing for Plan Salt Lake. The Council intends to continue outreach efforts for Plan Salt Lake, and will process the Plan in concert with Enterprise SLC and the Downtown Master Plan, which are other planning efforts.