Salt Lake City

Summary of the July 28 City Council Meeting

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Parks, Trails and Open Space Bond Proposal

The Council discussed projects for a possible Parks, Trails and Open Space bond. Individual Council Members expressed their project preferences, which will be compiled into a list that will be posted in the coming days on the Council's bond resource library. Discussion centered on trails, pond restoration, economic development opportunities near projects, maintaining existing capital needs, and other possible projects. The Council held a public hearing on this topic at which more than 70 people spoke. The Council continued the public hearing to its August 18 meeting, at which time it will continue to consider the bond and will take action on whether to place the bond on the November ballot. If the Council does vote to place it on the ballot, Salt Lake voters will determine whether the proposal passes or fails. Read more.

Interlocal Agreement with County for Prosecutor's Office

The Council was briefed about a pilot program where the County District Attorney's Office would manage the City Prosecutor's Office functions. Anticipated savings would be split between the City and County. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic at its August 18 meeting and may take action that night or August 25. Read more.

The Council also:

  • was briefed on a proposal that would amend regulations for two Residential Mixed Use Zoning Districts. The amendments pertain to density, setbacks and design requirements. The Council asked Planning staff to clarify where building heights of 125 feet are permitted in the RMU zone. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic on August 18 and will take action at a later date. Read more.
  • adopted a legislative action to initiate a text amendment that would allow single practitioner dental, orthodontic, medical and chiropractic offices in the Small Neighborhood Business zoning district. Read more. 
  • received a written briefing on the City's Transit Master Plan progress. Read more. 
  • interviewed and approved the appointment of James (Jamie) Bowen to the Planning Commission.