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Economic Development Loan Fund

Research shows Salt Lake City development loans are fueling new businesses for women, minorities and low-income entrepreneurs

New research shows a large number of underrepresented business owners are getting significant support from Salt Lake City’s Economic Development Fund (EDLF). The EDLF has loaned more than $7 million to 56 existing businesses during the past three years.

Here is the breakdown of business owners who received an EDLF loan from January 2015 until now:

Long-standing, local, family-owned plastic manufacturing company expands operations by 300% in Salt Lake City

It all started in the Kaddas family kitchen more than 52 years ago. Now Kaddas Enterprises is expanding its operations in Salt Lake City. The second-generation, family-owned business manufactures plastic products for industrial and commercial use. 

The company is perhaps best known for BirdguarD, its self-designed, patented product that covers and protects power infrastructure against animal-caused power outages.

City Re-Launches Small Business Loan Fund


August 26, 2014
Contact: Art Raymond

Mayor to Join Local Entrepreneurs to Re-Launch Small Business Loan Program

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