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City Seeks Public Comment on Federal Grant Program Funding


March 17, 2015

Contact: Art Raymond


City Seeks Public Comment on Federal Grant Program Funding

Summary of the March 3 City Council Meeting

5-year Plan for Use of Federal Funds in Salt Lake City

Summary of the January 20 City Council Meeting

Homeless Service Strategy and Site Evaluation

The Council was briefed by the Administration on its strategies for addressing the complex issues facing the Pioneer Park/Rio Grande neighborhood. Read more. The Administration's strategy focuses on:

Summary of the December 2 City Council Meeting

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Sexual Offense Evidence DNA Testing

Council adopts ordinances affecting transportation network and horse carriage companies

Ground Transportation Amendments Adopted

The Council adopted amendments Tuesday that will allow drivers for transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft to operate legally in the City. The ordinance requires all ground transportation businesses – including taxis, shuttles, limos and transportation network companies – to:

Summary of the November 18 City Council Meeting

Metro Support Bureau

The Council discussed the Metro Support Bureau with Chief Chris Burbank. The briefing included discussion about the areas of the City that have the most calls for service, and how other parts of the City are impacted by the Metro Support Bureau. Learn more.

Summary of the October 21 City Council Meeting

Police Training on Minimizing Use of Lethal Force

The Council discussed with Police Chief Chris Burbank officer training for minimizing the use of lethal force. Discussion included explanation of current training curriculum and equipment and technology that may be beneficial. The Council will explore additional training options the Police Department suggested and will hold a follow up discussion at a later date. Learn more.

Summary of the October 14 City Council Meeting

Ground Transportation Amendments

More than 60 people spoke at a public hearing about proposed changes to the City's ground transportation regulations, which apply to taxis, limos, shuttles and ride sharing services. Among other changes, the proposed ordinance would allow transportation network companies, like Uber and Lyft, to operate in Salt Lake City. Also, all ground transportation businesses would be required to:

Summary of the September 16 City Council Meeting

Ground Transportation Amendments – Ride Sharing and Other Services

Summary of the August 19 City Council Meeting

Snow Removal

The Council discussed the City's snow removal policies, including a proposal that would require property owners to clear a 42-inch path -- or the width of the sidewalk if it's narrower than 42 inches -- from the length of sidewalk abutting their property, including corners and curb ramps. The Council will take action on this proposal at a later date.


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