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Transportation - 200 West to Wall St.

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200 West & Wall Street

     Potential parking change: input requested

The Transportation Division is seeking your input on a minor redesign of 200 West & Wall St. from Fern Ave. to Beck Street.  This will affect on-street parking.

The existing bike lane, installed in the 1980s, is too narrow under current safety standards.  

  • From 600 N to Fern, there is enough space with no changes to parking.  Lane widths will be adjusted to current standards.
  • From Fern to Beck St., the road is narrower.

The SLC Transportation Division is considering which side of the street should keep on-street parking from 730 North Wall St. to 300 West.

Option 1: Keep 16 parking spaces on the south side of Wall St. adjacent to residences, and remove lightly-used parking from the north side along Warm Springs Park and electric substation.

Option 2: Keep 32 parking spaces on the north side of Wall St., along Warm Springs Park and electric substation, and remove parking from the south side next to residences.  The north side has twice as many parking spaces due to fewer driveways. 


Bike lanes with parking on just one side.

In either option, parking will remain on the east side of the street south of 730 North, as it is now.


We would like your input on this design choice:
Which side should keep parking?

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Additional Questions or Comments?
Contact Becka Roolf, SLC Transportation Division, or 801-535-7274.