Transportation - Dumpsters & Moving Pods

Need a dumpster or moving pod?

  • A Traffic Control Permit (costing $31 for the length of the permit) is required to place a moving pod or dumpster on the shoulder of the road
  • Every moving pod or dumpster must have four (4) lighted Type I barricades, one for each corner (Salt Lake City does not provide barricades)
  • A pod or dumpster may also require a Parking Permit if there is restricted parking at the site - i.e. parking meter, 2 hour parking signs, residential parking areas, etc. (additional fees may be required if this is the case)
  • A Public Right-of-Way Permit from the Engineering Division is also required for pods and dumpsters (please call 801-535-6248)

To apply for a Traffic Control Permit, please come to the Transportation Division permits office located at 349 S. 200 E., Suite 150.