Transportation - Urban Trails

The natural environment of Salt Lake City offers great access to natural areas within a short distance of city amenities. Salt Lake City's Urban Trails provide walking and bicycling routes for people of all ages and abilities to access these open spaces and community destinations.

Current Projects:

The City is pursuing near-term planning and construction of the following projects, in accordance with adopted community plans and feedback.

Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal "McClelland" Trail

Funding is secured for detailed design work and construction of a safe and comfortable walking and bicycling route from 800 South to Fairmont Park, roughly following the alignment of the Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal. The City is initiated the final design process in Winter 2014/2015 toward construction beginning in summer of 2016. Please see the Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal "McClelland" Trail project page for more information.

800 South to Fairmont Park

The 9-Line is a corridor connecting east and wets Salt Lake City along/near 900 South. The corridor includes a walking/bicycling trail linking parks, open spaces, neighborhoods and business areas.


Surplus Canal to Emigration Canyon
Parley's Trail

Salt Lake County and the PRATT Coalition have completed final designs for the Parley's Trail connection between Tanner Park and Sugar House Park, as well as the connection between 300 West and 900 West. These projects are currently moving forward for construction.

Tanner Park to the Jordan River
Long Term Projects

Beyond projects currently funded for study or construction in the next 1-3 years, longer term projects include the following urban trail segments, shown in the Multi-Use Paths 20-Year Map from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Update.

  1. Surplus Canal Trail
  2. Folsom Corridor Trail
  3. 9-Line neighborhood connectors
  4. Surplus Canal connection to Airport Path
  5. Soccer Complex Trail
  6. Mountain View Corridor Trail
  7. Red Butte Creek Trail
  8. Antelope Island Trail
Trail connections that require additional planning and funding
Sunnyside Trail

North side of Sunnyside Avenue between Foothill Drive and 1300 East

A small section of this trail is scheduled for construction between May and July of 2017. Please see the 9 Line Trail page for more information.


North side of Sunnyside Avenue between Foothill Drive and Guardsman Way
Folsom Trail

This trail will follow a former rail corridor along Folsom Avenue between the Jordan River Parkway Trail and 400 West in Downtown Salt Lake City. Learn more about the project at the project website here.

Connecting Downtown to the Jordan River