Salt Lake City

What Happened at the April 2, Salt Lake City Council Meeting?

Athletic Field Fees

The Council held a discussion about and adopted changes to the city’s athletic field fee regulations and concession permit fees. The changes will go into effect once the ordinance is posted (about two weeks).

  • Field Fees are now as follows:

    • Youth organizations – Non-profit – $2/hour

    • Youth organizations – For-profit – $4/hour

    • Adult organizations –$5/hour

  • Concession stand permit fees are now as follows:
    • Concessions – with electricity and/or plumbing – $50/month

    • Concessions – temporary without electricity and/or plumbing – $25/month

  • “Sweat Equity” is reinstated for community youth teams.  Community youth organizations that receive pre-approval from the Parks and Public Lands can maintain fields and structures in exchange for up to 50% of the cost of annual field usage fees. Credit will be earned at a rate of $10 per hour per person. Eligible work includes:

    • Painting facilities and structures (concession stands, bleachers, dugouts); Providing field repair materials (sod, soils, seed, irrigation supplies); Removing graffiti; Installing soil and sod; Placing and retrieving garbage containers; Performing field prep work at the beginning of the season; Weeding by hand; Assisting with other projects through the City’s Volunteer Program; and Essential field preparation.

Council Priorities Discussion

The Council discussed ways to make civic education and local government more prominent subjects in schools. The Council will continue this discussion at a future meeting.

Campaign Financial Reporting

The Council discussed changes for declaring candidacy that were enacted the Utah Legislature. Candidates must now declare their candidacy between June 1 and June 7 (instead of July 1-15). The changes also include corresponding changes to the City’s campaign financial reporting requirements. The Council will take action on this proposal at a future meeting.

Recycling and Construction Waste Management

The Council was briefed on a proposal to require a waste management plan for certain types of construction projects. The plan would ensure recycling and reuse and would designate requirements for recycling collection on multi-family and commercial properties.  The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic on April 23, at 6:00 p.m.

Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Council was briefed on a proposal to establish a formal and standing Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Federal Funds for Community Organizations

The Council discussed grant applications from a variety of community organizations. The Council held a public hearing on this topic at its March 26 meeting and will take action on it at a future meeting.

Public Safety Buildings

The Council was updated on the progress of the new Public Safety buildings.

Capital City Education Plan

The Council was briefed by community partners including the Salt Lake City School District, the University of Utah and University Neighborhood Partners, on ways to create educational equity and support post-secondary success for all community members.  The Council will invite different community partners to give presentations throughout 2013.

The Council also adopted:
  • Conditional Building and Site Design Review Amendments

  • West Capitol Hill Zoning, Master Plan and Zoning Text Amendments

  • Assessment for Central Business Improvement Area 13