Salt Lake City

What Happened at the April 9, Salt Lake City Council Meeting?


New Performing Arts Center Financing

The Council discussed financing for the New Performing Arts Center project, including City and/or Redevelopment Agency bonds and tax increments. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic on Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

Local Opinion Question

The Council discussed the process for including a local opinion question on ballots – a request proposed by Move to Amend. The Council decided via straw poll that it will use a vote by mail option to ask voter’s opinion about Move to Amend’s petition that “corporations are not people.” The Council will likely take final action on a resolution establishing the procedure at its Tuesday, April 23, meeting. Note: The particular process discussed by the Council will only apply to Move to Amend's opinion question. Any future opinion questions would need separate resolutions and the process may be the same or it could vary.

Partnership Discussion

The Council was briefed by Jeff Edwards, President and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah about issues of mutual interest with Salt Lake City. The discussion was part of a series of briefings from partnership organizations that will be scheduled in 2013. Sustainable manufacturing, trade, and employment numbers were among the topics discussed.

Council Priorities – Parks and Open Space

The Council discussed priority projects to further Parks and Open Space. Those projects include examining how much use the City’s parks and open spaces get, how much they cost to maintain, and how the City can provide more recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

Glendale Library Bonding and Budget

The Council discussed the issuance and sale of lease revenue bonds for the purpose of acquiring and constructing a new library. The discussion included budget issues, such as cost of technology upgrades, and the potential economic impact the library could have on the private sector. The Council will hold a public hearing on this topic Tuesday, May 7, 2013. 


The Council did not discuss the following topics. These topics will be discussed at a future Council meeting.

  • Plan Salt Lake
  • Downtown Master Plan
  • Master Plan Discussion
  • Federal Grants for Community Organizations


Council Meeting Dates

(Note: Council meeting dates are subject to change. An agenda will be available 24 hours in advance by visiting: or call (801) 535-7600 to confirm date and time prior to attending.)

April 23, 2013 – Tuesday – Work Session and Formal Meeting

May 7, 2013 – Tuesday – Works Session and Formal Meeting

May 14, 2013 – Tuesday – Work Session